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Information for content providers

If you are coach, teacher or are in any function that allows you to produce content for the platform, then we look forward, if you like to become content provider from us.

There is still a lot to do. Currently the content for the 2nd and 3rd Level of Coach Education (according to the curricula of the German Gymnastics Federation) must be created.

We are idealists who have been working on this great project for many years and like to add more people to it. Our author agreements, the authors fair, are much better than the usual contracts of publishing houses. For us, you are the maker and as such you must benefit from your work too. We provide the technical possibilities, so you can directly reach the people.

Speak to us!

The following content can be offered

  • videos
  • scripts
  • eTests
  • podcasts
  • screencasts
  • picture sequences
  • etc.

It depends exclusively on your possibilities and preferences.