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Information for possible contributors

If you are interested in participating, become a member of the global Gymtotal team! We now have staff in Germany, Spain, USA, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Brazil, Qatar and Australia.

We are currently seeking primarily for translators from German to English. 

Other needed activities:

  • Translator German to Spanish
  • Translator German to Portuguese
  • Translator German to Catalan
  • Translator German to French
  • Image Editor
  • Video Editor
  • Camera man
  • Photographer

Would that be something for you? In this case, you can work out yourself content through your own work. However, other tasks would be possible if you have skills that could be included in this project. 

Simply write to us! We look forward to having you.

Gentlemen Agreement (for translators)

Our project is mainly based on voluntary participation and volunteerism. Also your work is as such welcome. We want to avoid mayflies, that watch everything, take everything and go without having done anything. Basically, we rely on anyone a priori who comes to us and wants to be part of the project. The past has shown us that not all have such good intentions. We assume that you want to be a long-term member of the team and accordingly will translate some content (we put you on the list of team members under Contributors, if you like). The translatable content will be released by us gradually. But we would be happy to unlock certain items for you that could interest you right now and with whom you want to deal with, so we kill two birds with one stone: self-learning and translation. Simply tell us if this is the case. Otherwise we are happy if we do the translations according to the height of performance from simple to difficult.

Needed materials

You need only any browser and an internet connection. Then you can translate the content from anywhere in the world. We have complete step-by-step instructions that will make you the entrance easy.